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Fuck you and fuck your shitty guitar solos. I've heard them all before and I know what you're going to play even before you do. You're going to wank up and down A minor pentatonic scale at the 5th fret, maybe bend that D to E then run out of ideas and play the same shit 12 frets higher, working yourself up to a frenzy and finishing on the high A at the 17th fret. Maybe you'll bend up to it, if you're feeling wildly experimental and creative.

Frankly, solos like that are a waste of fucking time and anyone who plays that way should have their fingers broken. Here's things to do that don't involve wanking up and down the blues scale.

Play an arpeggio
Doesn't have to be any kind of fancy Yngwie bollocks speed sweeps - just find a chord shape high up the neck (something like Am7 at the 12th fret is good), pick out a high melody using just the notes of that chord, maybe try lifting off one or two notes and create a recognisable melody. Feeling adventurous? Do the same with every chord of the progression.

Copy the vocal melody
For the first few bars, just play the vocal melody, maybe with those extra twiddlies you so desperately need to throw in. Then play a harmony of it. It's an old trick and it's a good way to make the solo blend in with the rest of the song.

Double stops
Look at this, in A minor. Hammer on the first pair of notes, bend the second to last:

 (h)                             (b)

Slide from position to position, add a few passing notes maybe. You can always run into pentatonic drudgery if you get lost but at least you've kicked it off nicely. If you're a smartarse then you'll be able to change to another chord, say D minor, and repeat the arpeggio. Try going up on A minor then down on D minor. That's not the blues scale but it's not exactly difficult is it? Maybe it is, I don't know. Here's an mp3 of me doing it, second run through uses a flattened 5th which I'm sure you can figure out without me telling you everything.

Bass strings
Instead of screwing your face up and trying to impress the ladies with a super-high squealfest, whay not play those bass strings? Bend them a bit, they sound lovely. Force some odd harmonics out of them. Make them growl. Yeah, you like that don't you bitch?