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Lyrics, pesky little things aren't they? Still, it gives the frontman something to do while everyone in the audience is waiting to hear your widdly guitar solo. Let's take a look at why you're a shitty songwriter and try to write something that people stand a vague chance of remembering.

Rock music lyrics aren't meant to be poetry. Take a look at this example which took me more time to type than it took me to compose the fucking thing:

Ooh yeah baby
I think maybe
You drive me crazy
Rock'n'roll lady

I'm on fire
with burning desire
But you take me higher
Like a funeral pyre

There'll be nooooooo mooooooore sorrow

Now just ask yourself, how many times have you heard lyrics like that? More times than most if you're a Whitesnake fan probably. And didn't you just cringe and die a little inside every time you heard it? I certainly hope you did. Because that's some shitty lyric writing right there.

Compare and contrast with the master of the rhyming couplet Richard Thompson:

Don't swear your heart
From the very start
Love letters you wrote
Are pushed back down you throat
And leave you choking
When the spell is broken

No ooh yeahs, no clichés, no forced half rhymes. Just originality and clever rhymes and economical use of the english language. That's why your songs are shit momma baby ooh yeah.