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Back in the dark days of the internet before broadband existed and when no one even knew what goatse was, there was a strange site called Moose Mansions. It was even hosted on Freeserve, that's how far back into internet history I'm talking here. In those terrible times before b3ta and rathergood and all those other unfunny sites, Moose Mansions was the only genuine source of original british internet humour anywhere in "cyberspace". I hate that word by the way.

But the mills of God grind slow and true and Moose Mansions went the way of all things - abandoned by its author, left to rot in an unupdated state until it slowly withered away and drifted off into the lost lands of deleted websites. Well listen up motherfuckers, Moose Mansions is back and you need to go there immediately. If only to find out where I steal all my best ideas from. Oh what a giveaway.

Anyway, go there now. Moose Mansions ladies and gentlemen. A piece of authentic internet history there. May it live forever.