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I'll be updating this on an occasional basis - these are the actual search terms from Google Analytics telling me what people actually type into search engines to end up at Kinetic North.

There's some desperately sad and disturbed people out there in internetland.

"caned buttocks"
"get to the chopper"
"let's do this shit"
"messageboard full of shitcunts"
"sieg fucking heil"
"yer arse is arse"
"you cunting spunker"
"you wouldn't" generator
18 already fucking
aardvark dv
aardvark syndrome
airon maiyden
alien cleavage
alien shag
all right hold tight
arse fuckin
arsehole of the internet
attn slash fiction
b b cnews
b bcnews
b3ta cunt cunt cunt
b3ta gilgamesh
b3ta going to hell
b3ta lies
b3ta minge
b3ta music
b3ta profile
b3ta pterodactyl
b3ta sammi
b3ta speak
bb cn ews
bb cne ws
bb cnews
bb cnews#
beatrix potter benjamin bunny
bidet fuck
bitches don't know generator
boom fanck mc
brushie generator
burning camel fuck like rabbits
chopper fuck
cloverfield neck
cloverfield porn
cunt doctor
dance fucking kinetc
dance fucking kinetic
daz boris
dead pandas bumhole bum aids
delay time calculator
derek monte
doctor cunt
doctor gets shit on
doctor shit
doctor shit dog's pizzle
doctor shit on
doctor who is shit
doctor who shit
doctor who was shit
dog pizzle
dooo it
dooo sex
dr cunt
dr shit
dr who is shit
dr who shit
dr who was shit
dr. shit
dr. who is shit
dschinghis khan tube
dubai pizzle
edwina currie tits
ewwwww no
ewwwww no thanks
fake web page
fantastic minge
fat fat fatty
fatty fat
fatty fat fat
fatty fat fat fat fatty fatty fat fat
fatty fat fatty
fatty fatty
fatty fatty fat fat
felicity kendal tits
firefox doesn't know how to open this address
fishy fish
flashing minge
frank goon
frank pert
frank widdle
frankie goon
fuck all the smelly bunnies
fuck calculator
fuck marry kill generator
fuck meeeeeeeee
fuck message board
fuck the blues
fuck tube name 3442
fuck vanessa feltz
fuck yea generator
fuck yeah breasts
fuck yeah fattie
fuck yeah fatty
fuck yeah generator
fuck yeah star trek
fuck yeah voyager
fucked in her sleep
fuckin up the arse
fucking board
fucking cool shit
fuckyeah pretty
g a m e s t o q
gazbox wikipedia
geordie gangsters
get to the chopper
gilgamesh b3ta
gilmour delay time
ginger arsoles
ginger minge
ginger minge fucking
ginger minge naked
ginger minge picrs
ginger minge pics
ginger minge porn
ginger minge pussy pics
ginger minge sex tube
ginger minge tube
ginger minges
girls who shag
gmos b3ta
greasemonkey scripts
great arse
great guitarist
greeting generator
haary cunts
handle musician
harris widdle
harris widdles
harry cunt
hary cunt
hary cunts
hary exklusiv
hary fatty
hary fuck
hary minge
hary young cunts
have been ignored
help meeeeeeeee
here's an idea fuck off
i am alive 2010-01-25
im going to uk to get shit right
internet filth
is doctor who shit
is dr who shit
is pretty fucking cool
is sprang a word
jacob dyer u tube
jennie bond leather trousers
jmg commercials
jucking board
just dooo it
just the facts ma'am clip
keanu's cock
kebab for breakfast tits
kenetic north
kill marry shag
kinect dns
kinetic blues
kinetic doctor
kinetic dubai
kinetic kylie
kinetic north
kinetic north gilgamesh
kinetic north gilgy
kirstie allsop tits
kirstie allsopp breasts
kirstie allsopp cunt
kirstie allsopp tit
kirstie allsopp tits
kirstie allsopp's tits
kirsty allsop tits
kirsty allsopp tits
kirsty blues minge
kylie kinetic
lalalalala i\'m not listening
lalalalala im not listening
let’s do this shit
let’s do this shit’
lets do this shit
let's do this shit
linus torvalds fruit tella
literotica kinetic
load of horse shit
lol internet generator
lol kthxbai
lol pl0x
madison welch fucking
marmalise emu
marry shag
marry shag kill
marshall 9001 foot pedal
marshall 9040 power amp
messageboard full of shitcunts
michaela strachan knickers
minge lips
minge pics
minge syndrome
more tea vicar
multiplayer javascript
musician handle
naked arse hole
naked minge
nemi cat
nemi noob
new doctor who is shit
new dr who is shit
nigella young
no retards
noobtube logo
north dubai
north fc rack
north fuck
north star generator dealers in uae
north star generator in uae
north thread
northboard wiki
offie fucking
oldie but fatty
ooh me minge
parrot shit
pickle fairy
plesk is fucking shit
pointless internet
pretty fucking cool
quivering vulva
rabbit shag
rabbit shagging
random fiction generator
random greeting generator
random insult generator
random joke generator
random jokes generator
raw harry cunt hires
retard rapist
retards sex
reverse kinetic art jeff johnson
rhyme for remembering notes e a d g b e
rrrrr v
russel's arse
sammi b3ta
scarf-wearing cockhound
scooby dooby stop picking on me
scurrilous lies
secret to being a great guitarist
seig fucken heil
seig fucking heil
sex retards
sex with dave trouser
sex with retards
shag a fatty
shag an oldie
shag kill marry
shag my cleavage
shagging rabbit game
shit board
shit doctor
shit fuck yeah
shit on doctor
shit on me xxx
shit talk generator
shit wank bunny
shit wank rabbit
shit webcomics
shitti fuck
shitty bog brush
shitty fuck
shitty fuck tube
shitty fucking
shitty fucks
shitty minge
shitty north
shoulder shrugging tic
shrivelled winky
sieg fucken heil
sieg fuckin heil
sieg fucking heil
slash fic generator
slash fiction
slash fiction generator
slash fiction jimmy car
slash generator
slash plot generator
slash story generator
slashfic random generator
smelly arsehole
smelly dog
so i herd u liek ginger minges ;)
songs to shit to
sprang to mind
stick arse
stick it up yer arse
stratocaster generator
stratocaster museum
telecaster museum
teo marshall
the blues scale
the horrors slash fiction
the north face back catalogue
this is dooo
this shit is all that i know
thread archive
thumpa rabbit
thumpa the rabbit
tits and minge
tough guy insults
true face of god
twiddle widdle
tymoshenko porn
tymoshenko sexy
type of guitarist
up yer arse
vanessa feltz in panties
vicar fucking
voyager plot
voyager plot generator
wedinator content uploads 2009 funny wedding backwards
wet minge
what does flood detected mean
what fresh hell is this webcomic
when can you call yourself a guitarist
why doctor who is shit
xxx semon to lips
yer arse
yer arse is arse
yeti stick
you have been ignored
you wouldn't generator
yulia tymoshenko nude
yulia tymoshenko porn
yulia tymoshenko sexy