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I was in a loony bin in 2008. Despite having my phone impounded and the hospital ban on photography, I managed to sneak a few low-quality photos on the occasions when I was allowed to use the phone to call home.

This is the main corridor of Chaucer Ward, the intensive care unit where I spent the first four days. I have seen a grown man shit himself here because he was upset at not getting a bottle of milk. The door on the right is the "Seclusion Room" where they pump your arse full of haloperidol and lock you up if you're a naughty boy.

I was given Room 1. Also known as the "prison room". Because it looks like a fucking prison cell. I took the decision to remove the rubberised mattress covering after one night.

Note the lovely view overlooking a 12 foot high security fence (rumoured to be electrified). Yes, there is only one piece of curtain. Yes, all the drawers have been removed from the desk. Fuck knows why, maybe someone ate them.

This is the khazi. Note the lack of toilet seat. Lovely.

Taps you want? Sorry, no taps here. Press the button if you want water. Hot water only, fun to brush your teeth with.

The shower doesn't work. For "security reasons" apparently. Probably in case you devise a way of drowning yourself with it.

The lovely garden. Patients in the Intensive Care Unit are kept behind the fence. This was taken after they let me out to mingle with the other patients.

Another view of the ICU and that fence. The nurses shout at you if you stand too close to it. The four posts are for a smoking shelter but it seems the builders fucked off with the hospital's money halfway through the job.

View of the admissions ward (upstairs) and recovery ward (downstairs) from the garden at night.

Stroll around the grounds until you feel at home ...