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Oops I Did It Again
I'm really really sorry for this. But I always wanted to butcher this song.
Spanish Flea
I'm sure Herb Alpert wants me dead for this.
Theme from Mister Benn
As it says on the tin. No points for remembering he lived at 52 Festive Road, sorry.
Tiptoe through the tulips
I should really find something better to do with my time.
The sailor's hosepipe
Me trying to be Richard Thompson. Or Mike Oldfield. And failing badly.
Parrott is a Cunt
Possibly the best thing I've ever recorded, written for the world's shittest messageboard troll
The Stranglers, Cream, Frank Sinatra, Edith Piaf and a kid we all love to hate.
Pearl's a minger
Everyone sings this song when they're drunk. So I thought it would be a good idea to record it while drunk. I was wrong.
Funky Kangaroo Bitch Party
Cartman vs The Goodies vs Pink vs Rolf Harris!
Tico Tico
I ran out of Herb Alpert tunes so here's a Perez Prado one