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Britney Spears and Jade Goody
Quick as a cat, Britney jerked Jade's suit top down, not only baring her succulent breasts, but also trapping her arms at her sides. She caught one of the heavy orbs and pushed it upwards, then released Jade's mouth and enveloped the stiffening pink nipple with her lips. A soft moan reverberated around the cloister, and Britney quickly attacked the nipple with her tongue. The muffled sounds of mass filtered through the ancient stone walls, but Britney was oblivious to them. The only sounds she now cared for were Jade's labored breathing and the soft, sexy moans that occasionally escaped her lips.

Britney stopped pressing with her thigh, but soon she became aware of Jade's hips gentle undulation, bumping her mound against it. The nipple in her mouth was now a hard pebble, coated with her saliva, gliding under her tongue with each swipe. Her free hand was kneading Jade's other tit, and that nipple too was stiff and straining.

Jade pushed her knee up higher, until she felt the cold hardness of the granite. She felt Jade's body shift downward slightly, and thrilled to the firmer contact of the redhead's pussy against her thigh. She switched nipples, causing Jade to groan softly. This nipple quickly became wet and, under the expert stimulation from her tongue, another soft moan was torn from the redhead's throat. Her hands were still held by her suit, but she managed to reach out and grasp the tall girl's waist. Slowly at first, but with gathering force, her hips began to jog, until she was steadily humping Britney's thigh.

Britney let it go on for a while, allowing the small woman to stoke her own arousal, but she pulled her leg back when the jerking motions became frenetic and uneven. Jade groaned in frustration and tried to pull her back, but Britney held herself away from the now obviously aroused woman. Releasing her breast, Britney reached down, thrust the skirt out of the way, and pulled the already wet crotch of her suit aside. Britney stroked her wet lips for just a moment, and then jammed two fingers into her tight wet channel.