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Veronica and the sexy boot beast
Veronica Moser and Robert Mugabe
Robert stood instantly and held Veronica's hips, sliding his stiff prick into her wet cleft easily. He groaned and moved his hands down to her thighs. From this vantage point, he could see all the things that aroused him most - the bud of her anus, the sight of his cock sliding in and out between her pulsing pussy lips, and those sexy black boots. He rubbed his hands along the tops of the boots as they screwed, his cock pressing as deep as possible with each thrust, Veronica grinding back against him.

He could feel his balls bouncing against her clit, and then he felt Veronica's fingers moving to her clit to rub it as they screwed. He picked up the pace, staring at her strong thigh muscles, her creamy skin against the shiny black of the boots.

Veronica was making the little moaning noises that Robert knew meant she was about to come. He felt her cunt squeezing his shaft and closed his eyes, giving a few more hard thrusts, and then pulled out, letting his cum pour out onto the sexy black boots as Veronica held her hand against her pulsing cunt, moaning. Robert moved his cock around, spraying Veronica's ass with his thick semen.