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Veronica's Story
Veronica Moser and Jenny Agutter
Veronica reached under a pillow and pulled out an weird-shaped vibrator. It was thick and a luminous red, with a bend at the end of it and a thick ring two-thirds of the was down. The ring was studded with little bumps, and at each end the ring thickened and bent out away from the vibrator. Jenny knew it was a vib because Veronica had it already on, and it hummed in a low setting as Veronica rubbed it down Jenny's body.

She shoved it in Jenny straight, making her squirm as the L-shaped end opened her up. But then the L touched the top of her inner pussy wall, and the teen jumped. Still Veronica pushed it in, muttering "You'll love this" as she did so.

Suddenly fireworks exploded in the back of Jenny's brain. The L-shaped end found Jenny's G-spot just as the ring on the lower part of the vib contacted her clit and buzzed on it. Jenny didn't have a chance to practice self-control. She had an immediate orgasm from the sensation, then followed it with a second, just-as-strong, orgasm. Her hips rose higher as Veronica increased the speed and Jenny had a third, fourth and fifth orgasms, all within minutes of each other. Never before had Jenny cum so hard so fast.

When Jenny regained her senses, she looked under the pillow herself. She found a black glove and put it on her left hand. There were little controls that attached to her arm. When the touched the controls, the glove started vibrating. Jenny placed the glove on Veronica's covered mons and got a great moan from her friend. Jenny quickly undid the bikini bottom Veronica wore and thrust two gloved fingers into Veronica's pussy.