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Edwina's bumsex nightmare
Keith Chegwin and Edwina Currie
"I'll show you. Wench," he said, pointing to the attractive Edwina, "get prepared and get over the horse now." Edwina looked resigned to her life and duly stripped bare. While she did so, the wooden contraption they called the horse was pushed into position where Edwina could get a clear view of it. The horse was like a vaulting horse, but somewhat lower and smaller. In fact it was just the right height for the young Edwina to bend right over. She did so as instructed and spread her legs, knowing what would happen.

Keith popped the fly buttons on his pants and walked over to take up position behind Edwina. With no ceremony he masturbated himself until his semi-erect cock had grown to its full, impressive size. Then he used his hands to part the girl's ass cheeks. A moment later she let out a loud gasp as her unprepared ass hole was ravaged by his eager manhood.

"Ahhhhhhh!" She cried out softly as he pumped his cock in and out of her bottom. "That's what taking an ass full is all about," said Keith, returning to Edwina with his erection on full view. What's your choice?"

"I don't like the look of it. Does it hurt?" Edwina asked fearfully. "Not much once you get used to it," Keith said ebulliently. "I don't think I can take too much of the switch so I will accept what you propose."

With that Edwina gritted her teeth and clenched her buttocks for the inevitable pain. She was not left waiting long, and Keith delivered the stinging cuts of the birch switch right across her ass. Keith noticed the fading stripes from her earlier caning at the hands of Mrs Verity and smirked at the thought of the added agony that would now be added by the birch. Edwina gasped loudly with each stroke but somehow remembered Mrs Verity had told her to take her punishments as an adult and not some bawling child.

"Arggggghhhhh!" She grunted more loudly as the fifth stroke added fire to her tormented ass. "Percy, your turn to thank the girl for disturbing the pleasure of your meal." Percy had been watching carefully from the side of the room and now walked forward to take the birch switch from Keith and then stand directly in front of the young Edwina. "You have nice breasts," he said leering at them. "Shame the good Squire wants to save you for his Lordship or I would offer you torture of your privates as an alternative to the full ten strokes. Also I do not fancy your ass after it has been plundered by my friend. So, I will offer you a remission of five strokes for the pleasure of you taking me orally."